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Sonakshi’s craving wasn’t strange… The timing was!

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What with all the criticism about her size (unfair, I say!) one really can’t blame poor Sonakshi Sinha for biting the bait and scrupulously watching what she bites into! Gone are the calorie-laden treats she’d shovel in ever so unthinkingly – now it’s only nosh that’s light and healthy that can make the strict grade. But health food, tee hee, can sometimes cause others severe indigestion…! Happened the other day while Sona baby was shooting at Film City. Suddenly she could ignore the hunger pangs no longer. They demanded satiation – but obviously only something healthy yet tasty would do. Next thing, an SOS was apparently sent out to the ADs… Momos Wanted Immediately. Only And Only Momos Will Do. A reasonable demand but rendered utterly ludicrous by the fact that the set was located bang in the middle of the vast nothingness that is the far-flung Film City! I suggest Mama Sinha add their own personal chef to baby’s entourage to avoid such eventualities. Preferably on their own expense, the producers might add, haha!

Momos, even in the middle of nowhere, are possibly really small fry. When it comes to their baby girl, clearly the sky’s the limit for the doting Sinhas. I mean, didn’t Daddy Shatru wing it, without a second thought, over to Lucknow for all of half a day coz his li’l princess complained that she was missing him? And hadn’t he done the same during SON OF SARDAAR, flying off to the outskirts of Punjab to spend a few special moments with the apple of his eye? Quality time with his li’l girl is ostensibly the reason here but I suspect after the Ranveer insinuations, it’s also got something to do with sending out the message to any wolves around: Big Daddy’s watching!

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